Please consider a donation to help sponsor our premier event of Truth and Illusion. Truth and Illusion is a new dramatic musical performance designed to assist organizations in addressing, and supporting today’s mental health and well-being needs, social, and cultural issues around diversity and inclusiveness within the workplace and school communities. 


There has been a rise in the number of students, employees and their families who are dealing with social/emotional issues: 

  • The Ontario School Counsellor’s Association recognizes that our students and employees come to us with diverse backgrounds and a complex set of experiences and needs. 

  • The Canadian Mental Health Association states that approximately 1 in 5 children and youth in Ontario has a mental health challenge, and   

  • 21.4% of the working population in Canada currently experience mental health conditions, which can affect their productivity from absenteeism, presenteeism and turnover. 

As a result, organizations and school boards across the province are shifting their focus onto the promotion of strategies and practices to support these needs. 


Truth and Illusion brings together six performers with diverse backgrounds whose narratives reveal a personal journey, with each taking their turn in the spotlight as they address the audience. They demonstrate how our lives can be guided by two separate forces: what lies in our hearts and souls (the truth) and what we project to the outside world and in the workplace (the illusion). Together, the actors, director and the musical composer developed the narratives and accompanying musical score to support each person’s journey.  Their individual and collective message create empathy, understanding, and tolerance.  


This is your opportunity to please consider a donation to help launch this presentation at our premier event in May 2020. Your funds will be supporting the start-up costs and continued development of the Truth and Illusion as we workshop and rehearse (we need to raise $20,000 to pay creative/production team fees, rehearsal space, venue rentals).  You will be helping us reach and bring critical decision makers to the performance who we hope will then be in a position to bring this presentation into their organizations. We will be inviting over 100 organizations, high school boards of education, colleges and universities across Ontario to experience the presentation and engage to bring this presentation into their communities. Our goal is to have 200 people attend this premier event. As part of our promotion to our May premier event, on April 21st, 2020, Truth and Illusion will be presented at the Canadian Association for the Prevention of Discrimination and Harassment in Higher Education (CAPDHHE) in Mississauga.


In appreciation of your sponsorship we would like to offer your organization promotion in the program brochure at these two performances, supporting materials, and website, and tickets to the premier performance on May 6th.  I look forward to discussing this important opportunity with you.  Please register your name on our website or contact me directly at junemcupido@gmail.com , or 905- 464 -2705.  


​As part of the development process, Truth and Illusion has been presented three times with over 400 attendees. Their feedback has been invaluable and inspiring! Please review a sample of our testimonials on the next page. Click here