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Workshop Presentation

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Photo taken: Workshop/Presentation January 2018

TRUTH AND ILLUSION examines how our lives can be guided by two separate forces: what lies in our hearts and souls (the truth) and what we project to the outside world (the illusion).  In this story gathering and weaving process, members of the creative performance team have come from our surrounding communities, all with diverse backgrounds, yet each with a story that speaks to society as a whole. Truth and Illusion will bring together six performers whose stories uncover a personal journey.  

Each narrative is autobiographical and reveals a personal transformation as the actors explore a part of their life that isn’t necessarily what it appears to be, and will take our audience on a thought-provoking journey as they explore what we tell each other and how they connect us.


This performance is a woven tapestry of their six unfolding stories and positive outcomes.​ Showing a spectrum of societal norms and pressures that resonates to a broad audience and can create empathy, understanding, and tolerance. The monologues will transcend cultural boundaries, offering the potential for the presentation to reach beyond the classroom community. 

After the performance, audience participants will have the opportunity to discuss with the creative team the idea of personal stories and storytelling as a means of self-development and exploration of feelings, fears, and desires.  




Photo taken: Workshop/Presentation July 2019

Photo taken: Workshop/Presentation July 2019

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