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Story Coaching Testimonials

on writing a personal narrative 

June has taken her passion for Jungian psychology and Joseph Campbell’s teachings on myth, the hero’s journey, and the inner landscape of the storyteller and story-listener, and has brought it to life in Truth and Illusion. Her willingness and ability to listen, to guide, and to co-create the storytelling experience are evidenced by the depth of awareness and acceptance that is experienced in her Truth and Illusion workshops. The workshop offers a warm space and place where going within and meeting the self is accepted and welcomed. June takes what is in the depths and gently brings it out so that new life - a new awareness of self - may be born.


Jennifer Phenix, Professor of Humanities, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Sheridan

Working with June Cupido in the creative process to explore unique ways of telling my story has been an incredible, game changing experience. I am a writer. Memoir is my genre which means I dig deep to unearth truths about my life.  Truths that involve both childhood wonder, adventures, and lies.  June has an amazing gift.  In the most gentle way, she coaxes words and images from her students which she holds in her hand like precious stones.  She saves your stones until the time is right to give them back, and when you accept them, you receive a liberating gift, even more precious. June’s ability to ask hard questions in a way that holds no intimidation or pressure, birthed new stories, new memories and new approaches to my work.  

Working with June is an exciting adventure! She partners with you to find the truth and beauty and love that has been waiting for you to discover in those deep, dark and delicious chapters of your life. 


Margaret Terry, Writer, Author, Public Speaker


"I was introduced to June Cupido's work through her presentation of “Truth and Illusion”, which I saw workshopped at Sheridan College. As a professional storyteller, I immediately resonated with the play's themes and deep exploration of the stories we tell ourselves and others. I was also impressed with her direction of the play and experience as a writer and performer. It was obvious to me that this was someone who had a deep appreciation and understanding of personal narratives and theatrical performance. On that basis, I contacted her to work with me.


My vision has been to write a memoir and to prepare an extract from it for solo performance. We have engaged in an ongoing process that involves a deep exploration of my inner landscape and my writing while engaging in conversation that at times explores archetypes and Jungian psychology. As a story coach, June Cupido creates a safe space for creative expression that engenders trust, vulnerability, and critical reflection. She is a compassionate listener but equally a coach who challenges you when needed. She is supportive, patient, and caring and I would recommend her highly to anyone who is willing to enter into that “deep, dark, and delicious” world of the self."


Dr. Michael Williams, Ph.D, Storyteller, Writer, Radio Host

"I was fortunate to be asked to play a role in the original Truth & Illusion production as a story teller. June has amazing energy, passion and dedication that she brings to her work.  It was June’s coaching, guidance and support that allowed me to dig deep and open-up in order to share my personal story.  I have had quite the life journey, experiencing sadness, pain and depression in my life. I have been in transformation mode over the past 7 years and have healed (with a lot of help and support).  June was inspirational in helping me tell my story in a manner that allowed me to be raw, authentic and real while maintaining the love I have for my new life.. grateful to have been part of the journey with this incredible initiative - Truth & Illusion… "


Dan Manns

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