Photo taken: Workshop/Presentation January 2018

In the past three years I have done extensive research on the theme of truth and illusion to prepare for the project presentation. Each one of us is on what Joseph Campbell calls a hero’s journey in our lives. As we uncover our own values and self-esteem, it is important that we are not afraid and that we feel a part of our society.  This monologue workshop presentation is important because it offers the audiences a unique staged musical experience based on the notion that truth and illusion are two powerful psychic forces present in every moment of our lives. Truth and Illusion is the third in a series of monologue presentations I have created and produced in the Oakville area. 


For centuries we have relied on oral storytelling to influence our sense of self, to communicate and to entertain. Stories shape our reality, enabling us as individuals and a society to evolve. It is this process of delving into our own psyche to reveal the truth behind the illusion that has resulted in a monologue for each performer. Collectively, these six individual and personal stories are the framework that when woven together in dialogue and music, create this uplifting musical stage production.