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Develop Your Story... Stay tuned sign up sessions coming this Winter


We all have a story…

Deep in our hearts and souls, our stories are waiting for us to give them a voice.

For centuries, we each have used Storytelling to communicate and entertain.

Stories that define our reality help us evolve both as individuals and as a society.

The stories we tell connect us with one another.


Story Coaching and Development of your Personal Narrative will help:


  • Ignite your imagination and unleash emotions that prevent you from creating.

  • Guide you to best express your story whether oral, written, musical, film/theatre.

  • Bring forth hidden issues you may not have explored from your past.

  • Simplify complex or conflicting feelings and ideas. 

Why individuals, writers, and performers work with me:


  • They have a story but seek a voice to express it.

  • They have experienced a creative block leaving their story unfinished.

  • They need help to create a new story for a project.

  • They want to learn how to write or present their personal narrative or story.  

How my story coaching works:


  • We open up a dialogue to lead you to your own truth.

  • We use soul-searching exercises to help you find clarity.

  • I guide you to new ways of thinking to create ideas and enlightenment.

  • I provide a secure, comfortable and safe space for your creative expression.

  • I take time to build trust with you in this process.

As an experienced story coach and weaver I will take you through 4 sessions that can be either individual or adapted for a small group. 

Session 1 - individual or small group (3 hours)

Session 2 - one on one (individual only 2 hours)

Session 3 - one on one (individual only 2 hours)

Session 4 - individual or small group (3 hours)

The complete process is Deep, Illuminating, and Heroic. 

My method was inspired by the main stages of “The Hero’s Journey,” a narrative pattern identified by Joseph Campbell, world-celebrated mythologist. The teachings of Joseph Campbell serve as the inspiration for this narrative development process. He asserts that storytelling and myths relate to our search for truth, meaning, and significance through the ages. According to Campbell, we all need to tell our personal story and, most importantly, to understand our story. He encourages us to find out what excites us and make that the basis of our journey.

As a dramaturge I have been developing personal narratives through story coaching for over 15 years. I am passionate about creative approaches that will provide transformative insights into what affects good story writing, positive mental health and well-being. As Joseph Campbell wrote, “The most rewarding mythological experience you can have is to experience how it lives inside yourself.”  


If you are interested in developing your personal narrative, or to develop a story please contact me directly. 

Please review Story Coaching Testimonials from people who have benefited from working with me. 


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