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Story Coaching

Developing Your Personal Narrative 

June Cupido is an experienced story coach and weaver. If you are interested in developing your personal narrative, your personal story, sessions can be individual or this process can be adapted for a small group.  


Her role as a story coach is to open up the dialogue that will lead you to thinking about your own personal truths and illusions, ready to embark on a new journey.  Through this narration process, you find clarity. This enlightenment gives you the knowledge to realize what forces have guided your life.


This is a soul-searching exercise that involves:

  • 4 -(2 hour) sessions.


June calls the complete process, from answering probing questions (in session 1),  to the final crafting of the narrative response (in session 4)...Deep, and Heroic.   


The method was inspired by the three main stages of “The Hero’s Journey,” a narrative pattern identified by Joseph Campbell, world-celebrated mythologist. The teachings of Joseph Campbell serve as the inspiration for this narrative development process. He asserts that storytelling and myths relate to our search for truth, meaning, and significance through the ages. According to Campbell, we all need to tell our personal story and, most importantly, to understand our story. He encourages us to view parts of our lives as heroic journeys – to find out what excites us and make that the basis of our journey.

As a dramaturge June has been developing personal narratives through story coaching for the past 13 years. June is passionate about more creative approaches that will provide transformative insights into what affects positive mental health and well-being. As Joseph Campbell wrote, “The most rewarding mythological experience you can have is to experience how it lives inside yourself.”  


Please review Story Coaching Testimonials from people who have had the benefit of working with June. 


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