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"Presented with joy, laughter and tears, it moves the audience along with the actors on their journey.  All I can think is what a gift this is for anyone who has struggled in silence with shame, family dysfunction or feeling like they don’t fit in. I speak to youth who are often struggling with similar issues, but with no one to share with and so often feeling alone, that they’re the only one struggling in this way.  I hope this performance has an opportunity to open the door to discussing emotional health, mental health and well-being."  


Natalia Buchok, RSW Psychotherapy Services

"I had the privilege of attending four Truth and Illusion workshop/presentations. The stories are all about different issues, compelling, thought provoking and therapeutic. In each case the truth was covered by an illusion which was developed to protect them and their families, and to conform with society.  These stories for me spoke of the lifetimes wasted by illusion, and the effect of hiding the truth and not seeking the help of others to move forward with acceptance. I personally could relate to some of these stories and their outcomes. "


Lynn Horlor, Retired CEO, Oakville Public Library and Deputy Treasurer, Town of Oakville

"As I listened to the stories I couldn't help but make connections to the Ontario curriculum. I couldn't take my teacher hat off as I absorbed Truth and Illusion's important themes.  Not only are there critical messages about identity and acceptance  for our youth to hear, the process of weaving these stories together is also a creative form of expression we can use with students.  Truth and Illusion is a provocation to begin dialogue with one's self, friends and families."

Tina Ginglo, Educator, Instructional Leader, Curriculum Developer

"As a nurse and certified coach,Truth and Illusion illustrates essential learnings which are difficult to put into words in an incredibly impactful entertaining way.  Truth and Illusion helps the audience to see that there is always more behind a story and many aspects of a story are just an illusion. Students and employees would gain insight into bullies, peer group pressure, the value of remaining non-judgmental. Got to see it to believe it!"


Janet Andrews, RN MN

"Truth and Illusion is a game changer – opening doors and conversations touching our most intimate and personal experiences. June Cupido’s writing, casting and producing has created a play that has broad appeal while teaching us all lessons in tolerance, trust and patience along our very unique life paths.”


Julie Moore, Design Director, Design GroupARIDO, BCIN Certified, CONNECT

"As we watch and listen, we are reminded of the impact of "story telling” and how our experiences and emotions are never just ours alone. This show allows for massive range to heal. The core stories could be tailored to whatever group needs to be reached . This is a call to arms to connect people and to show our humanity. Telling the “real story” and not the "edited glossy version" we so often want to present. All of this is accomplished with the skilled hand of June Cupido, Michael Mulrooney music director, and the skilled writers and cast as they incorporate music and humour to remind us that life is ultimately meant to be joyous, beautiful and filled with light."


Andrea Gardner, Owner

Andrea Gardner Designs Inc. Oakville 

"I was so enthralled!  "Truth and Illusion is a transformational work of theatre and personal storytelling. By weaving riveting personal narratives with music and song, director /dramaturge June Cupido has created a powerful and entertaining drama that educates and entertains. As a long-time educator and former counselor of adolescents, I believe Truth and Illusion has the power to stimulate discussion leading to transformative insights into what makes for positive mental health and well-being. Teachers and students, employers and employees, and community workers and their clients would be well-served by this remarkable drama workshop/performance."


 Dr. Michael Williams, Ph.D, Counselor and Story Teller, Hamilton.


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